Personal Life

photo_(8)[1].JPGOn weekends, I will often be seen with my family at the beach or walking around the neighborhood. I am attempting to ride a bike to work each day as it is environmentally friendly and it provides a calm before the storm... both before and after work (I have three kids!). If you are in Norfolk, you may see me riding along the water front in a suit and tie.

I enjoy being active outdoors, cooking and reading. I do the occasional road race and triathlon. Probably like everyone living near the water, one day I hope to buy a boat (in my case a sailboat). When I do longer races, I often try to raise money for a worth cause (e.g. St. Jude Research Hospital). I also like to help with stimulating business or local economy. I co-founded two non-profit organizations, one helping the entrepreneurial community and one helping the film community in Memphis, TN.




Before Law School

After Law School


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