Estate Planning

first_landing_spanish_moss_2.pngEveryone should have a will.  Whether you are single or married with kids, regardless of age, you should have a plan in place in the event something happens to you. It can allow you to direct how items, money and dependents can be handled and ensure a smoother transition during the probate process. The more planning you do now, means the fewer questions to be answered later, sometimes by someone you don't know, and less chance of a fight for your heirs. From a simple will to a revocable trust, to a durable power of attorney or resucitate or non-resucitate order, by making decisions you don't have to force your heirs to do so. 



What happens if you, your partner or a vital member of your staff should no longer be able to asist you in the business? Who will run the day to day activities? Is there someone to replace your vital member? How long will it take to replace a vital member? What about interest in the company? Do you have a plan to purchase the interest? Do you have the cash to purchase the shares? What is the company's value? These are just a few of the questions that should be answered before anything happens to you, a partner or a key employee. I can help you develop a Business Succession Plan to ensure a smooth transition in the event a vital wants to leave or is no longer able to assist the business. 



A will allows you to divide your property and ensure items go to the heir you want. If you have a will, it can reduce the costs or administrating your estate and you can identify the person to take care of your minor children. A will is essentially a directive for your assets upon your death. 


FAQ's regarding wills in Virginia:






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