Law Licenses: Harry is licensed to practice law in Tennessee and Virginia.

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Harry J Brown, Attorney at Law

Harry J Brown, Attorney at Law can help with you with business and individual planning needs. From forming a business, drafting contracts, hiring employees and protecting you and your business assets, Harry J Brown can help. Harry is licensed to practice in Tennessee and Virginia. 

Business Needs

Company Registration and Formation Documents, Contract negotiation and drafting, Employee Agreements, State and Federal Law Compliance. Let Harry J Brown assist you with all your business needs. 

Protect Your Company Intellectual Property

Trademark and Copyright - Two ways the federal government offers intellectual property protection is through trademarks and copyrights. Let Harry J Brown protect your personal and business assets.

Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning - A correctly executed estate plan can ensure a smooth transition, both for family and a business, in the event of the loss of the business owner or key employee.  

Virtual Office

Let me help you without leaving your home or office. Don't have time or can't to come to my office? Let me assist you virtually. From having an initial consultation via video conferencing to arranging document drafting via email and phone, I can help you without you having to leave your office. 

Harry J Brown, Attorney at Law

Harry J Brown, Attorney at Law has been in practice for over 6 years and is licensed to practice in Tennessee and Virginia. Harry has his undergrad from Virginia Tech, a Masters from George Washington and a JD from the Catholic University of America.

Practice Overview

harry_working[1].jpgIn my practice, I focus on business and corporate law and areas of law that can be affected by real business situations, such as estate planning through business continuance guidance and trademark and copyright filings. More

Attorney Profile


Harry J Brown, Attorney at Law formed his practice in Memphis, TN in 2008. He moved to the Norfolk, Virginia area in 2009. Learn more about Harry here... .More

Virtual Office


Whether you are a business owner or an individual, Harry J Brown can help with wills, trusts, business succession planning and any other estate planning needs



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now I have six children and no theories.
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Phone: (757) 995-4562


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